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Federal Signal Vector Emergency Lights: Ensuring the Safety and Personnel

The Federal Signal Vector emergency light bars offer a revolutionary design for superior safety and performance. The new design improves upon the old system used in previous emergency light bars.
Unique Features of the Federal Signal Vector Lights
The Federal Signal Vector emergency signal light sports a V-shaped construction. This design has a distinct purpose. It allows for maximum visibility of your emergency light at any angle.
The V-shaped design is extremely useful when emergency vehicles try to mange critical intersections. As the Federal Signal Vector lights are visible at 90 to 180 degree angles, accidents can surely be avoided.
The revolutionary design was introduced because increasing numbers of emergency vehicles are figuring in road accidents, especially on intersections. The V-shaped emergency light bar proves to be more superior to the common linear emergency light.
Flexible Options for Federal Signal Vector Lights
The Federal Signal Vector has flexible 7 modular pods. This allows you more freedom to design and position the Vector lights based on your needs. You can customize the positioning of the pods to highlight warning signal on any part of the vehicle.
The Federal Signal Vector emergency lighting system can accommodate any customization you want for its bulbs. Specifically, you can choose a rotating or oscillating light. Your emergency vehicle can also sport a traffic signaling light or a flasher.
Because of its highly flexible options, you will also be able to install the federal Signal Vector on any vehicle type. As long as your vehicle has an electrical system capable of grounding at 12 volts, then the Federal Signal Vector can be utilized.
How to Ensure the Correct Specs for Your Vehicle
You can order Federal Signal Vector lighting system at Prestige Emergency Lights. We can offer personalized assistance to make sure that what you purchase will be suitable for your vehicle.
When you order Federal Vector Signal, the system comes complete with permanent installation bar or a hook-on bar. Just make sure that you specify the model and type of your emergency vehicle so we can determine what installation system would be suitable.
How to Order Federal Signal Vector Emergency Lights
Ordering a Federal Vector Signal system is as easy as ABC. As a leading provider of quality emergency lights, Prestige Emergency Lights has made online purchase easy for you.
Simply go to our site and choose an item or items on our online catalog. Place these items on your online shopping cart and check it out if you want to submit your order.
The Prestige Emergency Lights website has been certified safe by leading online security organizations. So we can guarantee that you will always have a safe transaction with us.
You can also contact us through our online contact form submission tool. If ever you have specific questions about your orders and purchases, simply submit your queries and we will promptly reply to your service request.
Emergency lighting system is critical for any emergency service unit. You should only get your emergency lighting needs from a trusted provider such as Prestige Emergency Lights. This will ensure that your service vehicles and your personnel will be safe whenever they perform their jobs.