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Purple Funeral Lights for Lead Funeral Procession Vehicles

Funeral processions were once marked by vehicles with their lights on; today however with the advent of daytime running lights, identifying and respecting funeral processions has become more challenging. Often times now, the lead car and the end car in a funeral procession use purple emergency styled lights for easy identification. 

These purple funeral lights make it easy for other drivers to identify a funeral procession. While this emergency styled light may have the appearance of a police vehicle’s strobe, the purple color helps to differentiate it easily. While in procession with a lead car with a purple funeral light, all traffic rules including stop signs, traffic lights and other must be obeyed by the entire procession. 

Purple funeral lights are available in a variety of types including:

  • surface mounted radiant LED
  • round dash or roof beacons
  • halogen
  • flat bar shaped strobes for vehicle visors

One of the popular options is the Surface Mount LED with multiple flash patterns for great brightness and visibility. The surface mount LED purple funeral light comes with mounting brackets for easy installation on funeral vehicles. 

Funeral Lights - Dash Board or Roof Beacon

Another popular option is the dash board or roof beacon that features a rotating halogen purple light specifically crafted for funeral processions. These are compact solutions that have a magnetic base for easy placement on roofs of funeral procession vehicles. Some dash board and roof beacons come with Velcro pads for easy installation and removal on dashboards. They are compact and come with a DC cord for power. 

Funeral Lights - Visor Strobe

Another option for funeral lights is the visor strobe is a purple funeral light created for ease of use and visibility. They simply clip on to any vehicle’s visor and plugs into the vehicle’s lighter port for simplicity. Their versatility allows for mounting on the visor, the dash of the vehicle or in rear windows. They feature linear strobe tubes, optic lenses and reflectors for great visibility and identification for the public. 

There are also purple strobe funeral lights available for permanent mounting on funeral vehicles such as those owned by funeral homes. These lights come with a mounting bar to be attached to the top of the vehicle and include the necessary power cords and wires. Purple light bars are also available for permanent installation and feature high wattage halogen bulbs and multiple rotating flash settings. 

Purple Funeral Lights - Added Safety in Funeral Processions

For added safety in funeral processions, purple funeral lights are vital. As they continue to become more common in funeral processions, the public will recognize and respect the processions aiding in safety. There are many types of purple funeral lights whether permanent or temporary, strobe, LED, or halogen and are available to fit any budge.