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Fire & EMS

Fire Lights

A variety of firefighter lights and sirens are used in emergency circumstances. Firefighter helmet lights are employed when entering a building or exploring dark terrain. Even if you think you are unfamiliar with firefighter helmet lights, chances are you have seen them before on television shows. Special firefighter dash lights and strobe lights for trucks are also manufactured.


While there are many cheap firefighter lights to choose from, you should choose well-priced and well-made equipment for your vehicle. Another way to more efficiently use your money is to purchase LED firefighter lights. LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are great on energy while still retaining vivid colors. For this reason, Prestige Emergency Lights offers a wide variety of high quality LED warning lights.


Volunteer Firefighter Blue Lights & Professional Firefighter Blue Lights

Like other emergency vehicles, firefighters flash red and blue lights in times of emergency. Firefighter POV (Personal Owned Vehicles) lights similar to professional firefighter emergency lights and serve the same purpose.


Firefighter Light Bars

While there are many emergency lights for cars to choose from, light bars are the most recognizable way to signal a fire vehicle. Prestige Emergency Lights offers an extensive selection of LED light bars and mini light bars so you can choose the light bar that best meets your needs.

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